Buyer Rebate Program

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Buyer Rebate Program

Anchor Team Realtors will provide a 15%* rebate from their commission to the buyer at settlement.

Anchor Team Lender partners** will credit .05% total loan value to buyers at settlement.

Anchor Team Title partners** will credit $500.00 to buyers at settlement.

* See Example below

** Anchor Team business partnerships are formed for the benefit of our clients. Please exercise due diligence when choosing your real estate team. All clients have the freedom to choose their own lenders and title companies. The Anchor Team has negotiated rebates with recommended partners. These partnerships are subject to change.

Sale Price of Home

Traditional (1%) commission

$ 4,500

Our (.6625%) commission

$ 2,981
$ 1,519
*15% agent commission rebate
*Rebates based on minimum $225,000 sale price and 2.5% Seller paid commission.

Example of Savings

Sale Price$450,000
Anchor Team Realty Rebate$1,519
Lender Credit$2,250
Title Credit$500
Total Rebate/Savings$4,269

Anchor Team at Fathom Realty

Serving Those Who Serve Others

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