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Winter Home Improvement Ideas

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Home Improvement doesn’t have to mean major renovations, like a new roof or a remodeled kitchen and bathroom. It can be as simple as adding bookshelves, painting a wall, or maybe updating your bathroom decor. When you’re stuck in the house this winter, keep it simple with one small project at a time. Here are just a couple of home improvement ideas for you to complete this winter.

  • Installing insulation for energy efficiency improvement is always a great idea. Is the insulation in your home sufficient, is it in need of replacement? These are things worth checking in to. Also, most home improvement retailers, like The Home Depot, or Lowes, can provide you with a free estimate for this service if this is not something you are comfortable doing, or able to do on your own.

  • Install a programmable thermostat for more regulated temperature control in your home. The new smart thermostats are said to s-ave energy and keep more of your money in your wallet. Over time, it is worth the initial investment, and you might even qualify for a rebate through your energy provider! It’s definitely worth giving them a call to ask if this is something you planned to upgrade anyway.

  • Paint! Brighten up the baseboards and trim around your windows and doors. Tackle rehabbing that old dresser that has seen better days. Maybe your cabinetry needs a facelift. You can do as little, or as much, here and it will make a big impact.

  • Upgrading flooring is a good option for a cold weather home improvement plan. Depending on your comfort (by comfort, I mean bravery), skill level, and room size, this could even be a DIY project. There are so many resources available that can help you get this task done, and get it done right. Just don’t take any shortcuts, or you’ll be paying a professional to fix the flop! If you have any reservations, I recommend contacting the pros for a price estimate in the beginning, and to see what they recommend for your space. You can always say, “No, thanks.”, but at least you have an idea of what they would do if you did hire them – and if you don’t, you’d know what you should research before tackling it on your own. You might find the expense of a professional install more attractive than sweat equity.

  • Organization – the more we have in our home, the easier it will be to function there, thus making it more enjoyable. Makes sense, right? I know this is a challenge for many, including myself, but it certainly is worth an attempt. An upgrade to your filing cabinet could be an easy and fun way to get organized and decorate, too! Perhaps adding a shelving system, whether it be freestanding, if you have the floor space or wall shelving. Finding a home, for everything in your home, can be a very rewarding accomplishment.

Of course, the absolute easiest way to improve upon your home, during any season, is updating draperies or blinds, making or buying new throw pillows, switching out the shower curtains or bedding. These small changes can give your room a new look and feel, without breaking the bank!

The smaller and more budget-friendly ideas might not be things that will add monetary value to your home, but loving your home, while you are in it, should be valued; especially if you will be stuck in it through March! Cuddle up and get cozy, friends!

Home Improvement Ideas to Complete this Winter


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